La Evolución De Mi Amor

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La Evolución De Mi Amor

Puedes leer sus páginas cómodamente y sin prisa. Puedes comprar tu libro cuando te enamores de lo que te dice, cuando veas tu imagen en alguna parte de él... (Poemas selectos)

Este libro es pura vida y corre en tus venas porque está hecho de lo que nos hace iguales a todos: está hecho con amor y por amor...

To those fighting the pandemic at the frontline

Thank you all, front-line fighters! for being so brave and decisive to battle against the effects of this pandemic.

Not too many have the courage to go to battle and not knowing where the enemy is, even though you hear the pain and see the damages it is causing to our loved ones.

Not too many are as strong to continue in the battle even when the ammunition is not effective, when the victims keep arriving, and when the equipment and beds at hospitals are scarce in many places in the world.

Not too many risk their own life to exhaustion, while leaving their loved ones at home, waiting for your return, so you could take care of them as parents and partners.

You have made Healthcare universal! Like a global force of fighters defending Earth! Defending tirelessly the most valuable treasure of nations, human life.

Without your knowledge, expertise, experience and most important, your resilience, we probably couldn’t count on a future to come.

Thank you for keeping us, our friends, family and community alive and healthy!

You are all in our prayers, with admiration and pride. THANK YOU!